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Heroes is awesome! I don’t watch it on TV, I just buy the DVD’s. I can’t wait for the release of Season 4 . I just love how every character has their own story and how they might cross each others paths. Once I pop in a DVD, I would want to watch the whole season that day (Which I could :-)). I really can’t watch it on TV, I would get so mad that I have to wait a week to see what happens next. WATCH HEROES!

😦 I know my writing isn’t the best in the world. 😦

So feel free to correct me.

 I want to get better, not worse…

Drifting away, listening to Aaliyah.

Why she had to go so young?

I know people don’t read comic strip’s like that anymore but I love this one. I love the illustrations and its to funny. I think its way better than that stuff you read in the newspaper. If this was to be publish in the future I would buy it. 🙂

Strip 1 of The Gigantics for more go to link below strip.

The Gigantics by Henry Bonsu

So click here and read…

This my cousin, beautiful, talented and mother of cutest little boy ever!!!

No more SNOW! lol

Even tho snow is a pain, its beautiful.

Hate never brings you nothing but more pain…

So Mr. Negative don’t waste your breath, what you have to say doesn’t faze me. My Mind and Priority’s are somewhere else more important.

The woman body not only sexual but beautiful piece of art.  So before you talk to me about self-respect and morals; Open your mind. If you can’t see how beautifully artistic Sex and the Body is, you just don’t view the world like I do. From every touch, glance, to reaction is beauty.

SO  if you can’t handle it close your eyes… Your not ready for this but I’m show to you anyways.

I  feel that black lace to be the most beautiful thing a woman could wear.

All photography was taken by MKnight (Info in last pic) some edit by me.

I personally feel this shoot was more “sexy, hot stuff” than artistic but I still love the pictures. I’m seeking another photographer to get the type of pictures I want.