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Life haves always been filled with temptation. Once you have something you connect on such a high level, it just  blows your mind away. Until you don’t know how to act no more and that’s how you know it got you. It’s so hard to resist advancement of something that touches your heart so deeply that it scare’s you. To have, but yet not to have. Why Me! Porqué voy loca para tu amor

Peeping out to the world in my room. Sometime’s I feel like walking outside in only my underwear to feel the wind blow on my skin. I’m going to do that one day, but not today. Or I should go streaking In broad daylight then I’ll really feel the wind then.

One of my old doodle’s and I put it  in color just fo you 😛 Oh yeah she rocking my name on her panties… 🙂



Its 11:47pm Jan 22 My birthday!!! And I was Sick and had work today how awful is that … Well soon in a few it will be Saturday I have OFF and I’m celebrating since I got the weekend off… Yay!

Gabriele Rigon Photography 

Beautiful! I love pictures like this, need some pictures like this of ME.


Michel Perez photography (I need some pics like this taken of me)