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Aug 25, 08

Dreamed about being at Walmart for reasons I don’t know of. Until I ran into my sister Vanessa.  She was talking really loud in the aisle next to me, when I found her. She was shopping  for eggs and her selection of eggs was weird, because she didn’t get a normal set. She got two of these alien head one’s with an empty eggshell body’s. So we headed off together to self checkout to pay for  her weird eggs. There was no line so she took her sweet time at cheakout. Then she relies she needed money to pay so went to bank next to self check out. A line started to form and the customers started to get really mad at me, thinking I was the one holding up the line. They begin to yell at me untill Vanessa got back with the money. She paid and we was on are way out. Apparetly one of the customers knew Vanessa from the pass and was still mad she held up the line. So she went up to her and curse her out. Wanting to fight her then I woke up.



So here’s one of my beautiful sisters got to see recently. She’s the one in my dream that brought the weird eggs…lol

FlashBack: This my friend Andre knew this boy since 2003 I  The pictures I’m posting are from 2005 . Throughout all the bad and good we are still remain cool. Sometimes I feel as tho I understand U more than anyone else in the world but I may be wrong. We are both weirdo’s that tries to bring smiles to those who are down which makes us Great. 🙂 ALL pics are taken By Him but the goofy one on the top was Me.

Went to a concert and notice I wasn’t taking pictures. I usually do but I felt as tho to really appreciate the art of a performance it should be record in the mind. I wanted my intake to be pure. Vivid memories of how intense the crowd was and how powerful the performance was. The expression of the artists face and passion for their work is a powerful thing to take in. There is no more powerful tool, to capture such art than your own mind.

Big thumbs up to Gilbere Forte’ first performance it takes alot of guts to perform to an big audience. And he DID IT! APPLAUD the MAN!!! 🙂

Now just to let you all know Mos Def is an amazing performer you can see his passion and love for what he does through his performance. It’s just simply mind-blowing 🙂

Also Got a new camera people Super happy about it 🙂 My more in-depth exploration of photography will be in play.

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.” Oscar Wilde

I’m Smooth Sailing into Dreams I haven’t explored.

Going to start posting my dreams online to, so you can visit my wild dream world.

Simply Just breathe.

This is the funnies vampire movie I never seen and wanted to share it with you. I question if this was serious or a JOKE. Watch the whole thing I post the ending since it’s the funnies part.



I’m a boss!

but yet also humble and sweet.