Damn I relies I don’t get out, and all I do is school & work O_O Is that healthy? I mean I love going to work & school… But I feel like I’m missing something. I think I know what it is; I been working so much I forgot about my family & the little friends I have (And the ones I’m losing cause of neglect)…

Everything is not just about school & work its also about the relationships with your family & friends. Because when you leave this world you want to make sure you leave the people who are close to you with memories to Keep 🙂

PEOPLE this is my baby and New member of Family 🙂

I need to start bringing my camera with me alot more, and take LOTS of pictures like I use to… I’m about to start posting Up Flash Backs PEOPLE! Beware of what I’m going to post! Just remember I LOVE YOU and I don’t mean to humiliate you!!! lol I’m posting anything from High School to Animation class to Party’s (I try to put dates on stuff 🙂 )