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I been busy, busy setting up things and school, I have little time to myself

Some pictures from other day, Was at the park with Heels, this was a first…

And hang with my sister and went to visit my dad and baby brother…

How I Love them both , more that I show them ❤

Haven’t did a flashback in a while so here you go… This picture is dated back to 06 taken by Gilbere’s sucky photo skills JUST KIDDING. This picture looks nice. Look at that long hair! Honestly I hated my hair “that” long, and I had many reasons why. I would tell you why I didn’t like it but I’ll be going into a long list of reasons.

Fresh Cut…

His work is amazing!!! Honestly he  inspire me to do better. ENJOY! 🙂

 These are a few of my favorites, if you want to see more there’s a link below.


The Art of Santiago


Today I feel like expressing a deeper thought that’s been in the back in my mind for the longest I could remember.  Just felt like writing  it down. I really don’t like being so personal but it’s good to see that everyone has a heart.

Taking a moment to breathe in everything… 
THANK YOU!!! … I realized how much you were there for me throughout my life. I noticed how much time I needed with deadlines, and received it many times, basically shows you want me to succeed. Introducing me to such wonderful people shows me you want me to live happily. You blessed me with such a crazy family and there are times I wish we were more of a unit, but knowing you it will happen in time. You’ve been there in my heart throughout the hurt and the good. Guiding me with my mind and thoughts that you blessed me with. The Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom to survive anything. And I LOVE YOU and you’re all I need right now in my life.
Note to God

“In my heart 
Your love has found 
The safest hiding place ” ~Sade

I’m sick today and feeling unappreciated for some reason. Maybe I’m doing too much for some people and that’s why I’m feeling this way. Personally I get great joy in helping out  people with what I could. I love to be the reason they smile, inspire, laugh and motivated in life. I never ask for anything in return, but  it would be nice to at least get a “thank you” or something that shows you care. 

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.”

The Gigantics haves grown since I first mention it. New characters new plots and all that good stuff. Check them out! I Love this comic strip!

For The Gigantics by Henry Bonsu CLICK HERE

I believe in Flying 30,000 feet up in the sky,

where there’s no traffic towards my dreams.  

Hey people I got a Tumblr for Fun, I don’t put the same stuff there on here, it’s just random collection of stuff I like to look at or listen to. But I feel Tumblr will be just a faze, we will see.  So if you want check it out and follow me if U got one here you go.