So it been a year since my break up of relationship of 5 years. I’m surprise so much time has passed. I have grown since then, piecing back myself together again. In my relationship I felt as tho I lost a lot of myself and lost time on where I need to be. He was a good man never did me wrong, but I couldn’t be with him anymore so I left him. It was hard but I had to do it. I felt like I was living in a box, I couldn’t live that way.

I been working hard to get back on track, its been happening slowly but I’ll get there. Not only that I let go my man, I lose my work partner (over personal emotions he had). Its feels crazy to start over from this point of my life I’m in, everything I help work to build fell apart this past year. At times I feel like a lone wolf  looking for a pack too belong to.  Everything I do these day’s is all done by me no help from anybody. So it feels good to have work people can’t never take.  I think I should work even harder, network more, beside that I think I’m doing good. 

Don’t plan to get into relationship with no one, anytime soon. I have far too much work to do for myself and don’t have the time for it. Beside all I need in my life is God, as long as I have him I could never go wrong.

(But I would love a new work partner. NO I would more like a business consulter, it feels good to discuss your next move with someone.)