Just some Randoms Thoughts

Lately I feel like I’m being attacked by all different types of situations. I wish people can understand where I’m coming from and respect my discussions. My heart is mines and in God’s hands and I honestly don’t need to be in a relationship. Why is it when I tell them this, they think I’m crazy or making excuses? I don’t need a man in my life to be happy and I’m not like the people of your past who lie to you to not hurt your feelings. To be honest, even if my biggest crush come up to me today and ask to be with me, he’ll have to wait til I’m ready. Even though I would want it so bad, I know deep down inside I’m not ready for it. There so much I have to do before that. I have to reach my goal of recovery, and I need to put all my heart and soul in it.

Ladies, bullying me isn’t going to get you anywhere. I don’t hate you for what you’re doing but it sad and awful. How are you going to stoop so low to make up stuff and turn other people against me with your lies? The time you waste doing this you should be spent enjoying your life, not bringing hate to this world. Plus, you girls who think I’m getting on your boyfriends… I’m NOT! There’s a couple of you that have really good boyfriends and the fact you don’t trust him is sad. If you keep at that you’re going to lose him. Also, for all you ladies who dislike me because your favorite guy friend likes to talk to me, you could have him. I don’t want him. All I need to is me and the Lord so get over it.

As I was doing my daily routine, I realize how a lot of things don’t change. Everything I have observed when I was young is in constant replay from style, actions, and people. Life is amazing and all the stories people have to tell, I feel I know them all. So I wanna make mines the most unpredictable one. 🙂