I love my family but the way they talk at times is mean. I really dislike the way they judge people by their looks. That is very rude! They tell me stuff like “Oh you mean that big head kid” or “The fat ugly man with the ugly braids” or “The guy black, mexican, indian, ugly guy”. I dislike people who do that! Why some of my family have to be those people who do that?  Why judge on appearance? I know people may consider me as pretty and your thinking “What does she knows, shes looks good. She wouldn’t say that if she was in my shoes” But I been down that down the ugly road where I was made fun of for my skinniness, unibrow, messy fuzzy hair, and they bully me and made songs about me. Horrible! I know, I had a not so good middle school life. Even when I was in high school I still felt ugly, and a loner. When I gain confidence back in myself I thought I want to never do that to anyone. A pretty picture is nothing but a visual, but a beautiful mind last forever.

Picture from my phone I found cute. 🙂 I was trying to find an ugly duckling photo. They are just hard to find since I try to trash all of them. I’m going to try to find some for you!