I dislike a liar, and how they make you believe something so unbelievable to be true. That makes your heart sings with the thought of it. Then you find out, its nothing but just words.

“I dislike how I let you feed me lies and I ate them up like candy. Had me all going til I ran into the face of reality. Why me? Did I deserve to be lie to? What was your purpose in all this? Was it to hurt me? I just don’t let anyone in my world. I trusted you. Was I wrong to have trusted you? To think you was someone great, when all along you was an illusion just to get what you wanted from me”

Even though this is just a thought that crosses my mind. I hope it’s a lie. I’m still here waiting on you to runaway from the world to see new worlds to take over. Like we talk about in are late night chats. Not saying I stop living for you, cause no man would be worth that. I just saying your different and I need my partner in crime cause it just wouldn’t be the same without you.  If you never live up to your words then you’ll be a disappointment of what I thought  was a man of his words. So I hope you prove me wrong in time. Sailing away without you I’ll send postcards (more like emails)of my adventure’s. Running with my hands wide open so catch up and grab hold.

To the Robot