When should I give up on a friend? I never give up on anyone once I have seen how pure your heart is. All your flaws  flushed away in my eyes. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and spoken to with honesty. That’s all I have to offer and would like it in return. It saddens me to see friends let themselves go. I have friends who lose respect for their body and mind, and those who feel as though they need a man or woman in their in there life to happy. I’m only a voice that gives you the best advice I could. I’m not your arms and legs that moves you. Why do you allow pain in your life? I know Its hard to break a bad habit that brings us grief in our life. But you live once, and why do you have to torture yourself when you know better? I have a lot of things I don’t like that I do so I just work on them until its not a problem. I push myself everyday to reach my goals and drop bad habits. I feel so proud of myself because I see how I was and what I have become, which is a lot more stronger than yesterday, last month, last year and it will just get better with everyday that passes. You need to love yourself and God first before you give your heart to anyone. Also you need to respect yourself because how are you going to show me respect when you can’t show it to yourself?