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I went to a shoot and saw a At Home pond of Koi’s they are such beautiful a creature. When I was looking them I got a sense of peace.

Chicks in weird hats…lol

How something so cute, be so evil and chew things I love… LMAO She such a spoiled dog.

This my Phoebe.

Hello Net World!!! MISS YOU!!! Life without computer doesn’t suck but I do miss Blogging… Here some pics from a shoot, there will be more to come so keep a look out for them.

I miss wearing this turtleneck dress. I felt fablous like Audrey Hepburn but in a Mint color.

Okay folks my computer is down, so right now I’m on another computer posting this. Hoping I get my computer fix this week. So I’m going to post when I could and thanks for your patience’s.

Part 2 of 6/4/10 The Arcade…

The photographer’s is the lady on the top, and the lady on the bottom with the yellow background. Well I took some and crop a lot of them… lol


To Be Continue…

Your appreciated. For all you do, your love and all your faith in me. All of you make me feel so love.  As long as your real with me you will always have a friend in me.