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Wooo fresh cut folks. What ya think? Do you miss the shaggy hair?


I finally got my computer fix!!! Yaaayyy So I got my computer fix and I’m still blogging from phone. Today I was playing with wigs and I LOVE this one. I have a thing for curls. I think girls with Curls are so hot and cute. What you think?


Love pencil skirts!!! Just randomly saying…
Look for the Day.


School and Work haves been so crazy lately for me. Everyday I keep my head up high, thinking maybe the next day the sun would shine brighter for me. My ups and down lately have been so shocking to me. I don’t understand how you think everything is fine and then out of nowhere any work you did gets “shitted” on in a sec. I feel like a victim prey on to get eaten. I hate group work!!! How you expect to put people in a team with no real money involve and think they would work well together. My group was so 2face it makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it. Oh well back to work God Bless you all of you and hope your days are better than mines.


First post from my phone ūüôā Yay! Feeling good today I hope you do to. I really wanted to show this to Lyndsay because I died laughing when I saw it. But she couldn’t get the picture though her phone SO I’M POSTING IT. The things people make on their phone these days.

Finally got through all of these pictures, those females took soo many! lol

Moohahahahaha RockStar Baby… LMAO

My favorite Game!!!

This woman ketp playing all the killing games O_O

Well this is me and my good friend Chris. I really appreciate¬†god for bringing him¬†in my life, and for him¬†being such a good friend. He showed me what it is to be a good friend. I would have thought otherwise, but¬†he give’s me the same respect as he does to his other friends. Which shows how¬†genuine he is to me. I just dislike getting special treatment¬†cause I’m cute. To be kind is doing things¬†out the goodness of your heart not to get something in after. Some guys are just nice to me to get a piece¬†of behind¬†or use me for my talents. It’s sad how¬†people¬†can be¬†that low. I love it when people keep it real with me.


“Irene my Dream”