Building a portfolio is an extension of yourself. Right now I’m building 3 of them. My design, My Modeling, and My Photography. It took me an almost a year to organize it since I’m all over the place…lol Trying not to let it affect my school and work. I had a big problem with organization. I still mess up at time’s and lost control of what I do, but this is all a learning experience to me. So I’m never giving up on it. Everytime I mess up I collect myself and do it again. I usually use the new quarter of school to start over , I go in stronger. Slowing I’m keeping new habits and breaking old ones. I feel proud of myself of my progress I have made and keep. I need to be organized! I have a lot of talent on my plate and to fulfill my dreams. So I must keep it together, to master what I do. Surrounding myself with good people, having faith in god and myself. Will get me where I need to be.