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Why some clients think everything in DESIGNING is easy and supposedly know everything about design “And can do it themself”. So why are you hiring me for? Why are some of them so cheap for what they want, or they want you to do it for them for free (to promote yourself on their “site”). That just shows they have NO respect  for what I do. When you go to any type of designer your making an investment to further your business. This investment will last you a long time so why not put in the money to better your company.

 Life as a Designer… LMAO (This is so cute!)

Me my sister an little brother (Pictures I said I would post a month ago…lol)

Child of many faces just like his goofball sister’s and pops…LMAO

Wooo I need a game system, but I really have no time to play video games but I really wanna play King of Figthers. Last time I played I was disappointed that Mai wasn’t in it but now there Mai, Yuri and Kala. OH YEA!!! Lolol I love Nona artwork for character’s

Playing on Facebook and I found these on Andre Boston page…LOL  I like them and my hair looks so kool…lol My fav is the one on the bottom.

Halloween recap… So before Halloween I hang out with my sister’s and went Eastern State Penitentiary we all were so fearless that nothing scared us but we did had a laugh at all the screamer’s.  On the 30th Me and Chris went to Manayunk Brewing were we meet up with Jess and Walle later that evening. It was nice , I had fun and there nice band, surrounded with people with Halloween spirit dress all up. I was Trinity and Chris was Neo from the Matrix. Jess was Leeloo she made the costume herself. I think it was WELL DONE!!! *Claps* lol Walle was just Walle…lol