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Showcasing one of my amour rings. I’m such a sucker for them! I wanted some since I was in high school when I saw Aaliyah wore them. Fashion is so recycle. WHAT IS NEW?…

Besides school lately been watching documentary’s beginning to LOVE them if anyone has any suggestion please do 🙂

In class Blahhhhhhh

bored… lmao Ok I’m not bored but my ass hurts from sitting on this seat for 4 hours. PEACE

I spend my Vday doing School Work -_- and with the greatest man ever! Lol He made me a big box of chocolate cover Strawberries already eat Most the box (fat girl lol)… YUM 🙂

Did some shoots the other day and they went GREAT got a lot of nice shots. Also  I realizies I put on a lot weight “LMAO”got a fat ass and thick thighs. I need to start working out again got lazy these weather days. 🙂 In good other good news “for me” FINALLY got my ear cuff waited weeks for this thing to come from Britian… You like?