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Went to a paper event in the Urban Outfitter building at the Navy Base. People down there have the best job, great surrounds and their own workout place. Beside I got a lot of kool freebies 🙂


Went to Philly Comic Con 2011 and it was great! Me and Jess were the “Ultimate Woman” team… lol  Me as Quorra and her as Leeloo Dallas . Went on Sunday wish I went on Sat. but it was still great… lol. Thanks Chris for great Shoots!!!  Got any suggestions on how to dress for the Con please share ideas planning to go to NY Comic Con.

Beginning stages of my first costume for comic con. Its turn out pretty good for my first ONE…lolol

Post Con Pics later Until then U can see some on my Facebook



meowww shoot with Robert Szatmari.