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Working on a New Port for 2012 ūüėČ Letting my hair grow to its natural state . I cant wait for it to be long I’m¬†getting¬†bored with the short hairdo. Even tho in this pics its long it was hair extensions “Model¬†Secrets” ūüėČ lol I recently had the¬†pleasure¬†of working with Micheal Knight, this man just keeps getting better and better! I hope you like my sweet side and naughty. There something alluring about nude¬†photography to me, the beautiful and pure¬†sexiness¬†drives to towards it.¬†Especially¬†with the right photographer who knows how to capture it.

Hello People Long time no post! ¬†Well always I’m a try to updated you all once a week with all the new stuff and pieces I been working on. Right now I’m trying to get myself in a system that works, since I been so disorganize. SO I have 2 piece’s in the works and photoshoots ! Can wait to show them off when I’m done. With my piece’s I never did something like it before, on the level I’m doing it on. SOO I hope you all like it!

Beside that I¬†reunited¬†with a high school¬†friend¬†from my little dance group Jennilee. She is still a sweety and beauty! She devise a plot (that I was part of.. hehe) to surprise her sister with a baby shower. Everything was going to plan until we got busted from going to the wrong Well anyways she enjoyed it so no worry’s ūüėõ