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The anticipation of the new Tomb Raider is unbearable. I CAN’T WAIT to get my hands on it! I’m very interested on how this remake or “how it all started” is going to play out. From being a sexy badass sex symbol progressing to so much more. I love how that they are adding more heart and life to Lara Croft character. I hope it lives up to it’s hype. Releases March 5th reserving my copy. Also I may consider this as an future cosplay but right now I don’t know about it yet 😉


One of my close friends moved away to the west coast. 😦 So I wanna wish him the best on his new venture in life, may he get honors in all his classes, may him get a great job making Boss Status Money and find Love with some hot chick who rides bikes with cute skirts. It’s good to still be able to talk to him, time from time when he’s not on his grind. I’m missing you already my panda /gym buddy, no more looking at your big calf muscles while I’m on the treadmill.

Before he left we got to run around like tourist in NY, it was fun. KUNG FU ADVENTURES!

Black Milk is every fashion savvy geeky gals best friend NOW. First Star Wars now Lord of the Rings!!!! What are you doing to me Black Milk?  I need another monitor for design and game play plus a new Wacom tablet. Why must you tempt me?!

Well anyways these are my personal favs that I may purchase after I get WHAT I NEED first of course. (Also for the person who doesn’t know what to get for my B-Day next week*wink*)





But this Manga Star Wars should be LEGGINGS, I hoping its in the works!



GOAL this year is to draw from 1-5 things a week, fully completed in color.

So this is my second doodle I brought to illustrator its a lot better than the first and a lot faster to make. Practicing new techniques for speed and quality and this is a successfully step.. YAYY! lol  😛 Image

Started a Facebook Page so like Me 😉 Posting my updates from this site and others sites on that page. New Year resolution is the Continuation of what I been working with being more constant with it and to grow 5 inches of hair lmaooooImage