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I’ve been getting deeper into this big  gaming world and loving it! My adventures of venturing off Platform gaming has been going well. I still love and miss my Wii and DS games but I needed more of a challenge , so my PS3 was a good purchase. I’m currently playing Tomb Raider and Dota 2, both in which I love. I never thought I would get into PC gaming but here I am obsessed with Dota 2. The game play seems to be easy if you understand every aspect of the game but its alot to learn, which makes it a little overwhelming at first. It’s been 2 months of  noob horribleness and I’m still a noob 😦 . One day I will phase out of being a noob and just be great!!! LMAO

This pass weekend I went to Pax East 2013. Its was a lot bigger than I thought it would have been. There were all kinds of games; ranging from video game consoles to board games, card games and PC games. I had the opportunity to meet new people and try out good games. One in particular, Never Winter, was pretty good.  PC Games’ Setup stole the show with their awesome display booths. Damn you PC games I will never have a Social Life!