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Beach Babes!!! Would have post this sooner but I couldn’t get online! lol

Oh yea beach! 🙂 Post more pics later 😉 You’ll have to settle for phone pics lol…


(hehehe Took the title from Jess’s post..LOL) I been not posting as much as I want to, I been working on upcoming projects 🙂 Also been scared of setting foot into my death trap of a room. Temperature is set on HELL in HERE!

You Fancy! lol

Who’s that girl? lol…  By Robert Szatmari

Went to Philly Comic Con 2011 and it was great! Me and Jess were the “Ultimate Woman” team… lol  Me as Quorra and her as Leeloo Dallas . Went on Sunday wish I went on Sat. but it was still great… lol. Thanks Chris for great Shoots!!!  Got any suggestions on how to dress for the Con please share ideas planning to go to NY Comic Con.

Day2 The Race 😛

and other random shoots

Puerto Rico OHHHH lololololol

Okay so I never talked about my trip to DC with my sister for her race… 🙂

So on the day we got there we walk around and went to some of  the museum’s.  So here’s my tourist shoots lmao

DAY 1 (post Day 2 later 😉 )

Post it just because I love the design to this whole building.


Did some shoots the other day and they went GREAT got a lot of nice shots. Also  I realizies I put on a lot weight “LMAO”got a fat ass and thick thighs. I need to start working out again got lazy these weather days. 🙂 In good other good news “for me” FINALLY got my ear cuff waited weeks for this thing to come from Britian… You like?