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I’ve been in the market for a new Wacom tablet for quite some time, so my recent purchase of the Wacom Intuos 5 Large was very exciting. I was using the Bamboo Fun Small it wasn’t too much of a burden because I didn’t want much from it but to do simple point base work in illustrator. Now my demands are higher and I don’t need no limitations on what I can really do. As an artist I need to overcome this obstacles so its upgrade time! I can’t wait to begin reaching a whole new level of quality in my work! 🙂


I shall call you Night Fury aka Toothless (after the dragon in “How to train your Dragon” LOVE THAT MOVIE! lol)


Wooo I need a game system, but I really have no time to play video games but I really wanna play King of Figthers. Last time I played I was disappointed that Mai wasn’t in it but now there Mai, Yuri and Kala. OH YEA!!! Lolol I love Nona artwork for character’s

Playing around but it still looks good. 🙂

Life haves always been filled with temptation. Once you have something you connect on such a high level, it just  blows your mind away. Until you don’t know how to act no more and that’s how you know it got you. It’s so hard to resist advancement of something that touches your heart so deeply that it scare’s you. To have, but yet not to have. Why Me! Porqué voy loca para tu amor

One of my old doodle’s and I put it  in color just fo you 😛 Oh yeah she rocking my name on her panties… 🙂