Black Milk is every fashion savvy geeky gals best friend NOW. First Star Wars now Lord of the Rings!!!! What are you doing to me Black Milk?  I need another monitor for design and game play plus a new Wacom tablet. Why must you tempt me?!

Well anyways these are my personal favs that I may purchase after I get WHAT I NEED first of course. (Also for the person who doesn’t know what to get for my B-Day next week*wink*)





But this Manga Star Wars should be LEGGINGS, I hoping its in the works!




GOAL this year is to draw from 1-5 things a week, fully completed in color.

So this is my second doodle I brought to illustrator its a lot better than the first and a lot faster to make. Practicing new techniques for speed and quality and this is a successfully step.. YAYY! lol  😛 Image

Started a Facebook Page so like Me 😉 Posting my updates from this site and others sites on that page. New Year resolution is the Continuation of what I been working with being more constant with it and to grow 5 inches of hair lmaooooImage

It was  fun and super packed!!!! I Cosplay X23 for the event, I was a little down because I lost one of my gloves but I still turn out to look great!!!

My latest workings were totally random, I’ve decided to surprise some ladies with some Vector pieces . I went out and search for the young beautiful and inspirational females from my Facebook. Chosen 8 so who know’s who be next.  So far its Stephie Tran and Stephanie Arenas.

Its been a long time since I’ve blog, cuz my computer has been driving me nuts with its problems. Everything in life is a struggle but I’m going to pull forward pass the crap til I’m WINNING. lol

Philly COMIC CON 2012!!!! I went dress like Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim. Its was fun went to some Q&A’s and meet fun people! SO Hope you enjoy all the shots.!!!

Here I come Philly Comic Con! It’s this weekend and I can’t wait. This year I’m cosplaying Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim. Funny Comic and great movie, if you haven’t seen it. Watch it! I feel a little bum I couldn’t make a hammer but at less I have everything else. Going Saturday so if your going see you there!


So this was my first time going to Zenkaikon! Loved it! It was a lot more than what I expected. People were so into cosplaying, even if you wasn’t dress up you was wearing a anime or game related t-shirt. Dealers spot was a little small but I read next year it will be bigger so that’s a plus. I was dress like MISTY from Pokemon, I wanted to do something cute for once. Went with my friend Jake, we will be also attending Phillly Comic Con and NY one. SO I’m dorking it up this year lmao. Enjoy & What you think of my costume!!!