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So I went to California! To San Francisco/Alameda, where the pleasant but bipolar weather was an improvement over the Philadelphia snowy days, that I didn’t miss once. From the hills to the bay, this area was just beautiful. I had fun times with my dear friend Alphonso. I also met an awesome couch surfer named Ran. We explored San Fran together from the highest point to the lowest. Here are my tourist shots 😉 Enjoy!


Started a Facebook Page so like Me 😉 Posting my updates from this site and others sites on that page. New Year resolution is the Continuation of what I been working with being more constant with it and to grow 5 inches of hair lmaooooImage

Beach Babes!!! Would have post this sooner but I couldn’t get online! lol

Hurricane Irene has past!!! Maybe now the jokes will stop!!! lol  At first it was funny but now it’s getting a little dirty with the “Irene sucking and blowing all over town” comments –_– Ha ha NOT…

I have to say Darvin this is EVIL but yet very funny… STILL kicking your ass for it!!!!!

Did some shoots the other day and they went GREAT got a lot of nice shots. Also  I realizies I put on a lot weight “LMAO”got a fat ass and thick thighs. I need to start working out again got lazy these weather days. 🙂 In good other good news “for me” FINALLY got my ear cuff waited weeks for this thing to come from Britian… You like?


 Sneaky, sneaky man!!! He got me sleeping but I have to say the pictures did made me laugh and put a smile on my face.

Crossing my arms while I sleep like a BOSS…lol



Picture of him at the scene of the crime.