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So I went to California! To San Francisco/Alameda, where the pleasant but bipolar weather was an improvement over the Philadelphia snowy days, that I didn’t miss once. From the hills to the bay, this area was just beautiful. I had fun times with my dear friend Alphonso. I also met an awesome couch surfer named Ran. We explored San Fran together from the highest point to the lowest. Here are my tourist shots 😉 Enjoy!



Michel Perez photography (I need some pics like this taken of me) 

The woman body not only sexual but beautiful piece of art.  So before you talk to me about self-respect and morals; Open your mind. If you can’t see how beautifully artistic Sex and the Body is, you just don’t view the world like I do. From every touch, glance, to reaction is beauty.

SO  if you can’t handle it close your eyes… Your not ready for this but I’m show to you anyways.

I  feel that black lace to be the most beautiful thing a woman could wear.

All photography was taken by MKnight (Info in last pic) some edit by me.

I personally feel this shoot was more “sexy, hot stuff” than artistic but I still love the pictures. I’m seeking another photographer to get the type of pictures I want.

I love this picture, I took it other night. My midnight walk/drive with C.L.  🙂 

And here some shots of  me taken By Me 🙂 (Teachers Fav’s)

I don’t usally like side shot of me but this one is nice 🙂

(Happy B-Day Crystal)